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Yingmin Li

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at Institut Mines-Télécom.

Positions occupied

2011: Postdoctoral student at the computer & IT department of Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille 3

2010: Temporary computing researcher for the ANR research project PERSO (Pervasive Service Composition)

2008-2009: Temporary computing researcher for the ANR research project WebMov, testing BPEL services

2006-2010: FP7 Research Project: WS-DIAMOND

Professional experience

2011: Postdoctoral student at the LSIS laboratory of the computer & IT department of Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille 3. The subject was diagnoses of workflows over the cloud.

2006: Master’s Degree placement with the Laboratoire de Recherche Informatique (LRI) at the University of Paris Sud XI. The topic of the placement was “Modeling BPEL Web Services for Diagnosis: towards self-healing Web Services”.

2003-2004:  Training engineer at the company Boyan Logiciel et Technique. My work included giving training to computer and software service firm candidates for testing jobs at Microsoft Pekin; designing the overall architecture for a collaborative intranet website; preparing the progress schedule for the development teams.

2002-2003:  Development engineer at the “Information System Integration” Department at the company “Chine Logiciel et Service”. My work included: designing and developing a module for importing data from plain text to XML; and producing graphics interfaces with VB.

2002: Three-month end-of-course placement at the software engineering laboratory at the University of Peking “l’Application de standard CMM2 (Capacity Maturity Model) sur développement des logiciels” [Applying the CMM2 (Capacity Maturity Model) standard to software development].

Computing and IT skills



Programming languages C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP, XSL, SQL
Database Installation, administration and management of databases: Oracle MySQL
Systems Windows, Unix, Linux
Design language UML
Networks TCP/IP

1.3 University degrees

2006 – 2010 :            PhD thesis in computer science and information technology

Laboratory:   LRI (Computer Science Research Laboratory) at University of Paris Sud XI

Team:   IASI (Intelligence Artificielle et Systèmes d’Inférence [Artificial Intelligence and Inference Systems])

Title:   Diagnostic des grands systèmes logiciels à base de réseaux de Petri colorées [Diagnoses of large software systems based on coloured Petri nets]

Topics:  Diagnosis, discrete event systems, modelling, business workflow, decentralised protocol;

Funding: FP7 Research Project: WS-DIAMOND

Date of defence of the thesis: 9 December 2010

 Examining board:

Thesis supervisors: Pr. Philippe Dague (University of Paris Sud XI), Dr. Tarek Melliti (IBISC & University of Evry)

Rapporteurs:  Pr. Albert Benveniste (IRISA/INRIA de BEAULIEU), Pr. Luca Console (University of Turin, Italy)

Examiners: Pr. Serge Haddad (CNRS & ENS de Cachan), Dr. Fatiha Zaïdi (University of Paris Sud XI)

2005 – 2006:  2-year vocationally oriented Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, specialised in computing and IT methods applied to business administration

Topic:  Modeling BPEL Web Services for Diagnosis: towards self-healing Web Services.

Place:  LRI (Computer Science Research Laboratory) at University of Paris Sud XI

 Supervisors for the placement: Pr. Philippe Dague, Dr. Tarek Melliti

2004-2005:   MBA specialised in project management

Place:  IIM (Institut International du Management) at the CNAM of Paris

1998 – 2002 :  4-year Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and IT

Place: University of Peking, China

July 1998:  Scientific Baccalaureate


2. Research activities

a)      PhD thesis

I did my PhD thesis at the LRI (Computer Science Research Laboratory) of University of Paris Sud XI, the title being “Diagnostic à base de modèle de services Web composés” [Model-based diagnosis of composed Web services]. The issues addressed concerned conducting diagnosis in order to analyse the origin of the errors that can arise during provision of services.

Contribution: The objective of my work was to conduct diagnosis on an interacting set of software components. In order to pursue this objective, I modelled orchestrated Web services based on Coloured Petri Nets (CPNs), as a fault model. This modelling enabled me to handle data symbolically even though the data’s domain of values is infinite (only the status of the data is represented by coloured tokens: red for faulty, black for correct, and a star for unknown). The main contribution from this thesis thus consists in reducing the problem of diagnosis to solving an algebraic inequality system by using the fundamental equation of CPN dynamics as a basis. Solving this inequality system makes it possible to calculate the diagnosis without trajectory calculation even with looping processes, and without losing diagnosis accuracy. Also, based on the concept of functional sub-nets, I proposed a decentralised version of the solution of the inequality system. The applicative dimension of my thesis concerns diagnosis of orchestration of Web services. A translation of the BPEL orchestration language into CPN was given as was a detailed application to a scenario.

This research work has been validated by the following publications:

Publications (2 international conferences, 2 workshops, 1 chapter of a book):

“Decentralized Model-Based Diagnosis for BPEL services”, Yingmin Li, Tarek Melliti, Philippe Dague, ICTAI, Nov 09

“Modeling BPEL Web Services for Diagnosis: towards self-healing Web Services” Yingmin Li, Tarek Melliti, Philippe Dague, WEBIST, March 07

“Colored Petri Nets Model for Diagnosing Data Faults of BPEL Services”, Yingmin Li, Tarek Melliti, Philippe Dague, DX, Juin 09; “A Colored Petri Nets Model for Diagnosing Data Faults of BPEL Services” Yingmin Li, Tarek Melliti, Philippe Dague,  PNSE, June 09

“WS-DIAMOND: Web Services DIAgnosability, MONitoring and Diagnosis”, WS-DIAMOND TEAM, Chapter 9 “At your service: An overview of results of projects in the field of service engineering of the IST programme”, with all of the members of the FP7 WS-DIAMOND project, MIT Press, 09

b)      Participation in projects

  1. ANR WebMov Project

During the year 2008, I participated as a research engineer in the ANR WebMov project on conducting tests for BPEL services. My contribution concerned generating BPEL services, with the ActiveBpel tool and AXIS 1.4, and conducting tests on BPEL services with the tools SOAPUI and BPELUnit.

  1. ANR PERSO Project

During 2010, I worked on the ANR PERSO (Pervasive Service Composition) project whose objective is to compose model-based automatic orchestrated Web services. My mission consisted in coordinating the tasks between the various developers. I also orchestrated project meetings enabling us to specify the interfaces to develop for the software. I developed two programmes: one of the programmes was for translating workflows into BPEL services in order to generate BPEL services automatically. The other programme consisted in generating a JSP interface for running the Web services.

c)   Postdoctoral research

I was a postdoc student for the year 2011, attached to the LSIS laboratory in a WiCSI (Web, Content and Services) team whose research concerned processing heterogeneous and distributed structured or semi-structured data masses.

Contribution: My research work consisted in diagnosing workflows on the cloud. I did a study on the problem of diagnostics and security for workflows implemented in the cloud. I proposed a new diagnostics approach based on coloured Petri nets. The Coloured Petri Nets mode defines the dependencies between the modules of the workflow from effects to causes. Then diagnoses are obtained by simulating the model. This approach is currently being implemented.

Publications (international conferences):

“PDTool: Diagnosis of Workflow Provenance in the Cloud ”(submitted), Yingmin Li, Omar Boucelma, ICDE, April, 2012

“A CPN Provenance Model of Workflow Towards Diagnosis in the Cloud”, Yingmin Li, Omar Boucelma, ADBIS , Sep, 2011

3. Teaching and supervising interns/students on placements

a)      I did temporary teaching work during 2008. I did tutoring (20 hours) on composed Web services for 3rd year computer science engineering students at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour Industrie et l’Entreprise [Higher National School of Computer Science for Industry and Business].

b)      During 2008, for three months, I supervised interns (students on placements) who were working on adapting part of the BPEL2PN programmes to obtain the Xpaths for the BPEL variables.