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Noël Crespi

Noël Crespi, professor, holds Master’s from the Universities of Orsay and Canterbury, a diplome d’ingénieur from Telecom ParisTech, a Ph.D and an Habilitation from Paris VI University. From 1993-95 he worked at CLIP, Bouygues Telecom and then joined France Telecom R&D in 1995 where he was involved in Intelligent Network paradigms for value added services.

For Orange he led the Mobicarte prepaid service project to define, architecture and deploy an infrastructure that now hosts more than 10 million mobile subscribers. He has played an active role in standardisation as a delegate in a number of committees and as a editor for CAMEL; he was appointed as a the coordinator for France Telecom’s activities for Core Network standardisation and then for all GSM/UMTS standards. In 1999, he joined Nortel Networks as Telephony Program manager for France and Middle East-Africa. He was responsible for the evolution of the switching area, and led key programmes for the evolution of Nortel products. He has also worked for ETSI as an independent contractor. He joined Institut Telecom in 2002 and is currently professor and Programme Director, leading the Service Architecture Lab. He coordinates the standardisation activities for Institut Telecom at ETSI and 3GPP. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology and is on the 4-person SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) of FTW, Austria. His current research interests are in Service Architectures, Communication Services, P2P Social Networks, and Internet of Things/Service. He is the author/co-author of more than 230 papers and contributions in standardisation and is an IEEE senior member.

Recent publications

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