Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Marie Haikel-Elsabeh


Marie Haikel holds a 2-year Master’s Degree in Management of Public Policies co-habilitated by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, ENA, Ecole Polytechnique, ESCP-EAP, and University of Paris X Nanterre, and also earned a 2-year Master’s Degree in Local events, policies and communications from University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

Currently in the second year of her PhD in Management Science at University of Paris X Nanterre, she is researching new ICT technologies and social networks for her thesis. She is working in parallel at TEM (Télécom Ecole de Management) as research engineer and communications officer for the Social Networks Chair.

Her professional experience as Communications Officer at the Direction Générale de l’Alimentation (France’s Directorate-General for Food) in 2010, and at the consulting firm Teresias 2011, has given her a good grasp of communications for public and private bodies over the social media.


Marie Haikel-Elsabeh, Camille Alloing. Les leaders d’opinion sur les réseaux socionumériques : proposition d’indicateurs informationnels de mesure à l’usage des stratégies marketing des entreprises. GIS M@rsouins 2012.

Marie Haikel-Elsabeh. Criticism of the legitimate use of violence by the state in movies. Conference on Management and Film: The pharmakon of film & new media 2012.

Marie Nour Haikel-Elsabeh, Le Ahn Ngoc, Christine Balagué, Jean-Christophe Bénavent, The Impact of Motivation for Sharing on Behavior in Social Networks. EMAC 2012.