Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Juan David Cruz Gomez

juandavid-cruzgomezHis professional experience made him capable of work as researcher in three of the most prestigious universities in Colombia working in several project which involves both public and private corporations, contributing with knowledge grow and strengthening university – enterprise ties.
Also, has experience in developing and deploying decision support systems like CRM, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence within both eTOM and ITIL frameworks. Developing and deployment were made using PMI as project management guide.
He is involved in software designing and developing using a wide variety of software engineering methodologies both iterative like RUP and agile, like extreme programming; also design and uses system validation tests and unit tests for assuring systems information correct function and behavior.

– Organizational knowledge identification processes
-Tacit knowledge transfer processes
-Multi-agent based server management systems
-Technology management methodologies and models developments
-Social networks identification and analysis for TELCOS
-Decision support information systems design
-Business continuity plans development
-Information security gap analysis
-Impact business analysis and information security policies development
-Business plans developments


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