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Telecom Business School launches a Master of Science in Social Media. Registrations for the first back-to-school in September 2014 are opened.

Nowadays, companies need to hire professionals who can design and implement effective digital marketing strategies on social networks sites, including analysis of big data published every day on social network sites, community management and efficiency measures. To that purpose, Telecom Business School launches Master of Science in Social Media which starts in September 2014. It is directed by Christine Balagué, Head of the Social Network Chair and Vice-President of the Digital National Council. The courses are totally provided in English.

3 expertise fields: Marketing , Big Data Analytics and Community Management

“The professional we train is a marketing scientists” says Christine Balagué, program manager. He is confronted with much more complex and varied issues than a Community Manager. “On the one hand, he controls the main methods of big data (published every day on social network sites) analysis. On the other hand, he controls the various possible marketing strategies on social network sites, in order to develop and implement relevant strategies. Finally, he controls community management techniques and communities analysis.”
The program offers 450 course hours and is based on three expertise fields:

  1. “Social media marketing” : e-marketing theories and techniques dedicated to effective strategies on social networks sites;
  2. “Big Data analytics Social media”: metrics and statistical analyzes from social network sites data;
  3. “Community management” : communities management and analysis.

The training is supported by the Telecom Business School Social Network Chair, founded in 2011 with Danone, La Poste and PagesJaunes Group, and led by Christine Balagué.

Admission requirements

The Master of Science in Social Media is accessible to the following profiles:

  • French and foreign graduates (Bachelors/Masters Degree) with a double scientific expertise (mathematics, statistics, probability) and management (economics, marketing)
  • Students of the Telecom Ecole de Management “Grande Ecole” Program
  • Student-engineers (including Mines-Telecom Institute student-engineers)

Admission based on application file and interview at

Practical information

Courses totally provided in English
Duration: 18 months (2 course semesters / 1 internship semester)
Cost: € 12 000
1st back-to-school: September 2014

Press contact

Tristan Horreaux – Media Relations Manager – Telecom Business School – Tel : +33 6 81 53 37 39