Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Florian Paillasson


 A researcher in the Chair, Forian Paillasson is working on factors of viral spread of contents over social network sites. His work also concerns the “positions” users adopt to manage their relationships and their interactions.

A graduate from the ICM (Master’s in Multimedia Communications) and from the IAE (Master’s in Innovation Engineering Management) in Grenoble, he received his PhD from Institut Mines-Télécom – TEM SudParis.

Thesis title : Defining the factors of viral behavior on social network sites: A Facebook user study

Thesis abstract : On social network sites, viral marketing represents a key issue for companies. By logical extent, it appears necessary to understand what drives a user’s viral activity. Quantitative data crawled from Facebook with an application allowed us to define various viral actions (sharing in one’s news feed, on friends’ walls, commenting, liking posts or comments). Our analysis highlighted three groups of action-explaining factors: [1] friend interaction (reciprocating effect), [2] the structural position in a user’s friendship network (structural effect) and [3] the level of profile information detail (indicating willingness to show one’s actual identity). In a complementary qualitative study, we identified four user positions – exposed involvement, protected involvement, exposed avoidance and protected avoidance. These positions underscore two major behavioral criteria. The first criterion addresses users’ online visibility adjustments (displaying or protective). The second criterion defines the user’s friends’ level of engagement as a subsequent result of his activity (involvement or avoidance). We believe companies could benefit from identifying their consumers’ behavioral stances on Facebook. Here we will demonstrate our contributions to research and their managerial implications.

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