Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Dana Diminescu

Professor at the Engineering School Télécom Paritech and Scientific Director of the “ICT Migrations” programme of the FMSH Paris, Vice-Chairperson of the “Cooperative Intelligence and Technologies” Commission of the business cluster Cap Digital, Expert in the Digital Literacy Group (Communications & e-Inclusion) for the European Commission, Co-Head of the Social Ecology section of the ITC & Sustainable Development Chair of the GET (Télécom Schools Group). ICT practices in situations of mobility – mobile phone and voice IT practices: organising the environment, conversations, the link and remote activities;

– use of the Internet: analysis of traces, archiving, and mapping of the Web;
– use of digital identification technologies: geolocation, traceability, socio-ethnographic analysis of acceptability;
– analysis of use of mobile telephones and of the Internet in transactions (fund transfers by migrants); migrations: qualitative and quantitative analysis, socio-political analysis, socio-economic analysis, field research, mapping.


Recent publications

DIMINESCU D., 2007 “Le passage par l’écran : ou l’émergence de nouvelles frontières” [Going through the screen: or the emergence of new borders], in Actes du colloque Les frontières de l’Europe [Proceedings of the symposium on the Borders of Europe], Ed Universitatii, Bucarest, pp 263-274

DIMINESCU, Dana, (2006), “L’usage du téléphone portable par les migrants en situations précaire” [Use of the mobile phone by migrants in insecure and impoverished situations], in Quatre ans de recherche urbaine (2001-2004), ACI-Ville Min de la recherche, E. Bajolet, MF Mattei, JM Rennes (sld ), Presse Universitaire François Rabelais, MSH Ville et territoire, Tours, 2006, pp90-98

DIMINESCU, Dana, (2006), “Genèse d’une figure de migrant” [Genesis of a migrant figure], in Cosmopolitiques n°11/2006, ed Apogée, Paris, pp. 63-73


Director of publications 2007/2008

“TICs, Mobilité et Développement des Suds” [ICTs, Mobility and Development of the Souths], Special Edition (issue number 6) Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances, an issue coordinated with Paul de Guchteneire, Jean-Baptiste Meyer et William Turner