Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Cécile Bothorel

cecile-bothorelCécile Bothorel received her Engineer Diploma in Computer Science from EFREI (Ecole Française d’Electronique et d’Informatique, Paris) in 1995, her Master Degree (DEA Information Scientifique et Technique, Paris 7 and CEA ) in 1996, and her PhD degree in Computer Science, Distributed Artificial Intelligence (both France Telecom R&D and  CNRS/LAAS – Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse). During her PhD, she worked on Multi-Agent Systems; she conceived and developped an auto-adaptative recommender system guiding Internet users’ browsing on the Internet.

She then worked as a researcher at France Telecom R&D (Lannion) for 10 years. Interested in Online Communities and Recommender Systems, she conducted various research exploiting « web2.0 usage analysis »: automatic profile learning from browsing logs, detection of communities of interest over the French Web (RNRT Comminges Project), development of a collaborative work platform connecting people sharing the same habits and interests, study of the dynamics of mailing-lists’ participation, interaction networks visualisation, opinion mining in movie fan communities (FP6 IST Pharos project)…

She directed phd students, postdocs, internship students. She conceived and developped prototypes in the contexts of Knowledge Management, eLearning, and more generally Knowledge Sharing. She is the author of 4 patents (one of them has been re-used by Yahoo!).

In 2007 she was responsible of the « Knowledge Sharing » thematic within a Research Program called « Knowledge Science » at France Telecom R&D.

In 2009, she joined the LUSSI department in TELECOM Bretagne where she conducts work on the socio-semantic networks analysis, focusing more particularly on the detection of implicit communities of interest over the web,  the proximity computation within networks, network analysis-based recommendation problematics, and the explicitation of individual Digital Identity among a more global community.

She is a scientifical expert evaluator for ANR (French National Agency for Research programs) and a reviewer for several internationaland national conference.

Recent Publications

Presentations at peer-reviewed conferences

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Chapters in books

POIRIER Damien, BOTHOREL Cécile, GUIMIER DE NEEF Émilie, BOULLÉ Marc Automating opinion analysis in film reviews: the case of statistic versus linguistic approach. Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis: Emotion, Metaphor and Terminology, Springer, 2011, pp. 139-156, ISBN 978-9400717565

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