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Ángel Cuevas Rumín

Ángel Cuevas was born in Madrid, In 1981. He graduated from the high school with honors. He obtained his MSc in Telecommunications Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) in July 2006, realizing his Master Thesis in University of Reading (UK) under the supervision of Professor Chris G. Guy.  Furthermore, he got his MSc in Telematics Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid and Politechnical University of Cataluña (Spain) in October 2007. He obtained his PhD in Telematics Engineering from University Carlos III of Madrid in February 2011 with the highest calcification.

In October 2006 he received a PhD Scholarship by the Telematics Engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid. From February 2008 until August 2008 he was intern at SAP Labs Research located in Sophia Antipolis (France).

From October 2008 until March 2011 he was Teaching Assistant in the Telematics Engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid and member of the ADSCOM research group. From March 2011 he is working as Postdoc Researcher in the Wireless Networks and Multimedia Services Department at the Institut Telecom SudParis.

He has been teaching since 2006/2007 academic year in different degrees (Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science). As researcher he is co-author of more than 20 papers in prestigious international journals and conferences such as IEEE Communications Maganzine, IEEE Communications Letters, Elsevier Computer Network, Sensors, ACM CONEXT, ACM MSWiM, IEEE ISCC, IEEE ICC and IEEE VTC. His research interests are on On-line Social Networks, P2P networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet Measurements and Optical Networks. He was awarded with the Best Paper Award at ACM MSWiM 2010. He has also served as reviewer in some referred journals such as IEEE Communications Letter, Elsevier Computer Networks, IEEE JSAC, etc.

Recent publications

R. Cuevas, M. Kryczka, A. Cuevas, C. Guerrero, A. Azcorra.Measuring BitTorrent Ecosystem: Techniques, Tips and Tricks.IEEE Communications Magazine (Network Testing Series). September 2011.

A. Cuevas, M. Urueña, R. Cuevas, R. Romeral.Modelling Data-Aggregation in Multi-Replication Data Centric Storage Systems for Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks. IET Communications (Special Issue on Distributed Intelligence and Data Fusion for Sensor Systems). September 2011.

R. Cuevas, A. Cuevas, M. Urueña, A. Banchs.Applying Low Discrepancy Sequences for Node-ID Assignment in P2PSIP.IEEE Communications Letters. February 2011.

R. Cuevas, M. Kryczka, A. Cuevas, S. Kaune, R. Rejaie, C. Guerrero. Is Content Publishing in BitTorrent Altruistic or Profit-Driven? 6th ACM International Conference on emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies (ACM CoNEXT 2010). November 30-December 3, 2010.  Philadelphia (USA).

A. Cuevas, M. Urueña, G. Veciana. Dynamic Random Replication for Data Centric Storage. ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, (MSWiM’ 10). October 17-21, 2010. Bodrum (Turkey). BEST PAPER AWARD.

R. Cuevas, A. Cuevas, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, Lorand Jakab and C. Guerrero. A Collaborative P2P Scheme for NAT Traversal Server Discovery based on Topological Information. Elsevier Computer Networks (Special Issue on Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Systems). August, 2010. Volume 54 Issue 12. 2071-2085.

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R. Cuevas, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, A. Cuevas, J. Domingo-Pascual, A. Azcorra.fP2P-HN: A P2P-based Route Optimization Architecture for Mobile IP-based Community Networks. Elsevier Computer Networks (Special Issue on Content Distribution Infrastructures for Community Networks), March 2009. Volume 53 Issue 4. 528-540.