Chaire Réseaux Sociaux

Chair objectives

The Social Network Chair, launched at Télécom Ecole de Management (Telecom Business School), is a first in France. This Chair brings together a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Institut Télécom with the aim of helping businesses to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of social networking and to integrate it more effectively into their strategies. The Chair will be headed by Christine Balagué, assistant professor of e-marketing at Télécom Ecole de Management and author of numerous successful works on social networks, and will involve researchers from the other Institut Télécom schools (Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis and Télécom Bretagne).
In partnership with La Poste, PagesJaunes Group, and Danone, the research budget for this Chair totals nearly one million euros over a three-year period.

Chair research focuses

The research will be focused on four topics in the field of marketing:

  • Developing metrics and modelling for the dissemination of information over social networks (buzz, online reputation, etc.);
  • Understanding the changes in the way people use social networks and behave on them (localisation, cultural differences, etc.);
  • New tools for customer relationship management via social networks (role and actions of the community manager, communities management, complaints management);
  • Creating new market research methods using data from social networks.

Objectives of the partners

Logo-Danone_optFor Gwenaëlle Valmier, MRCI Director, Danone Dairy, “In a digital world undergoing profound changes, DANONE is looking to this partnership to continue to accelerate its knowledge of social networks. With the involvement of the France marketing teams of Danette, Activia, Blédina, Evian, and Volvic, Danone hopes this work will rapidly be put to good use in our management of brand relations with consumers”.

Logo-GroupeLaposte_optFor Isabelle Cambreleng, Director of Digital Publications and Media in the Communications Department of the La Poste Group: “Social media enable us to behave online as a responsible economic stakeholder. The work of the Chair will help us better understand and take on board a constantly evolving movement.”

Logo-PagesJaunes_optFor Pascal Thomas, Audience Marketing Director of the PagesJaunes Group: “The sharp increase in audiences on the various social networks gives the PagesJaunes Group a fantastic opportunity for growth, in terms both of our audiences and of our sales to advertisers. Taking part in this chair is essential for our understanding of the mechanisms and practices on these new media”.

The Chair is backed by the Fondation Télécom:

Influence and knowledge dissemination

The research work produced by the Chair will be presented at symposia and conferences held over the academic year and attracting the world’s leading scientific experts in social networks.

The knowledge generated by the Chair’s research activities will enrich the teaching of the Institut Télécom schools.